In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouth Drop.”

I was down with high temperature. First time ever, I wanted to sleep before putting my 2.5 years old daughter to bed. When she came to snuggle up, I gently coxed her to leave me alone as I was not feeling good. She didn’t bother me and let me be. The undisturbed sleep helped and I woke up feeling much better. When I realized she was awake, I picked her up from her bed. First thing she mumbled sounded like “is she ok?!”. I thought she was referring to my sister who played with her the previous night and  I said, “Yes, I think she is Ok”. She corrected me saying “Mumma, I’m asking are you Ok?! You were not well na”.  I said “I’ve never felt this better darling!”,and gave her a big mummy hug.

Never in my life have I been asked if I’m Ok. This was the moment I felt blessed, as I have received the true value of parenting an angel.

I also realized a child’s empathy has major impact than empty charity.


True love galore!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Doubters Alert.”

True Love doesn’t happen only once. It is a myth and I’m convinced that it is not true.

Life throws many curved balls and still we score some home runs. True Love is the home run which I scored, every time I’m in the moment. Every type of affection which passes our way becomes perfect only when we submit ourselves in the moment unconditionally.

I have a list of true love(s) that has passed my way and I lost it, only because either in that given moment, I was in the past or in the future. Never in the moment. That’s the problem with people like me. I have to constantly remind myself to be mindful. Without that I can miss every passionate moment and spend my life yearning for a true love to come my way.

I realized that I had true love, when the partner I shared my relationship with was the text book version of a lover. Everything was perfect about him. We were perfect. However, it wasn’t meant to be and life doesn’t end there. Though I have been in love, I always had the yearning of that moment when I was completely at bliss.

Perfection once experienced causes resentment till we make peace with ourselves. Only way I could, was to realize I was at peace with myself only when I lived the moment completely without any prejudice. That made me experience true love.

Now, I’m practicing to selflessly give myself to the moment, be it when I’m with my husband, daughter, or a friend and in the process find countless true love moments.

Crushed Ice!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”

My first crush was a dance teacher’s assistant. I was 17 years old. Me joining a dance class was a great deal as my granny said I could join only when I start earning. Luckily my diploma course had an option for internship, which allowed me to earn enough to join the class.

I admired the dance teacher as he taught Jazz which I thought could never be a possibility in my hometown. One day as usual I took my last row position. In walks this hunk with his gym bag, changes and joins my line. He helped me with various workouts. I wondered who he was and then got introduced as an assistant to my dance teacher.

I had a major crush. Daydreaming was my favorite pastime. He was the world around which I revolved. I waited for hours to see him dance. During one of the shows he had to give me a 1×1 tutoring of the steps I couldn’t get right. Oh the simple pleasures of life.

The very same day, during one of the breaks after dance practise, I was having flavored crushed ice, a local delicacy during summers. It was also the moment that I found out he being in a committed relationship with another dancer. Sound of ice being crushed woke me from my shock. Somehow I found the whole thing funny and laughed it off.

This was just the beginning of such lovely crushes in my life. All of them were and are simple as crushed ice.

When I think about it now, I find it funny. However, without such simple uncomplicated crushes, life would be so boring. If I get to meet him now, I would say  “you were my first crushed ice”,

Creative Top Gear!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forward Drive.”

I did not think about a forward drive which makes me get up from bed till the lack of it. In retrospect, there were so many things that has driven me. As a teenager the drive was to meet my boyfriend for a morning run; which promptly stopped after the first heart break. Followed by drudgery of mindlessly waking up to go to work.

Once married, waking up to follow the social norms of a family, mostly slog to get everyone out the door with packed lunches; this act has always made me feel exhausted and empty.  The dearth for drive set in when you realize as life benefits someone else  without you being a part of it. Doesn’t go well in the long run; ending up being disappointed with others and self.

Finding a conscious drive to start the day is a lot of hard work. To find some meaning in life, I woke up early in the morning to read religious texts as a drive. Didn’t last long. I tried running in the wee hours and ended up being tired the whole day. I started writing in the morning, no go either. Reading and writing till it was a pleasurable activity it was fun drive to wake up to, but the day I miss one, be it reading or writing, I was surmounted by guilt.

Habits formed around the things I love reading, writing and running would fix the issue in hand. I wanted to do them with gratitude. Hence I figured I have to find the right drive to make all of them work and help me to start my day right. If I start my day right, everything I do for my family, friends and myself almost always goes right.

The real motivator that drives me is Creativity. I love the fact how reading,writing and running helps me to create moments and things. When I attach them to a measurable quotient of creating I get a new high. Though I wake up to write and read, I know it does give me a self satisfaction as I use both for creating a better communication system with myself and with the world. I run as it helps me  zone into the realm of creativity. Makes me a better mom and a cook even.

The dearth of a drive came when I couldn’t get up from bed because waking up for family, friends, and even writing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inside the Bubble.”

First time I got to know about quarantine is when I saw the movie The Abyss. Though I heard the term multiple times, I got the feel of being in one when I watched the movie.

Well, If I’m quarantined due to a disease, it would be a tough time as one needs the loved ones the most when sick. As its a contagious disease I don’t have much choice. I would be administered to plethora of medicines, which leaves me with only few things that I could do.

I was once in a semi-quarantined state when I was going through the medication for Swine flu.My grandmother is a brave lady. Instead of letting me be in the hospital, she insisted that I stay at home and she will take care of me. She has seen worst of diseases and nothing seem to bother her. Amazing lady, I’m lucky to be her grand daughter.

Well, I came up with this list of things that I could do without being disturbed. Left to my own devices, I watched all movies and sitcoms that I missed, which I missed being a workaholic. I read, read and read. I listened to loads of music when I woke up and before going to bed. I wrote my heart out in my diary. During the whole time, my granny never stopped me saying I would be tired. She just let me be. When I started getting better, I even worked on my clothes folding skills, tried to learn hair braiding styles, home-made beauty regimes and origami. These I still use and has proved to be valuable skills for life time. Life was so simple and full of awe. Those where not the times of smartphones, so I was left to experiment with these simple pleasures of life.

Now, if I get quarantined, Life has so much to offer due to the invasion of smart phones. No dearth of how to spend time. I would exhaust my research on the disease that I’m treated for using Google. Spend quality time with Youtube,Facebook, Twitter, Good reads, Instagram and the list is endless. Start a blog, track my progress and share it with the world. I wont be alone. I would be virtually in the company of countless people posting selfies.

Occasionally maybe I would resort to my old ways of spending time, just a good old paperback, nice music.

I feel sad of all those people who were not touched by technology. Social media, when used wisely, has kept people company. Many of my friends resort to the virtual world for like minded folks. Though the internet had majority of fakes and poser with ill intent, it also has people who care and are sincere. Being quarantined will never be the same desolate place anymore.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Decisions, Decisions.”

We mindlessly click on I agree when we download an app, subscribe to a website and when we drink or eat without reading the labels. Programmed to be on auto-pilot has led to a life swallowed by Piracy of privacy and breach of trust. But life decisions are not the same as installing a software, we do know that the software if it goes awry can be uninstalled. Such is not the case with life decisions, as it leads to consequences.

I have taken my life decisions based on hunch which is a result of experience. I go for gut feeling when I know the one at stake is me. I believe I have the strength to over come any dearth of happiness or excitement that might rise out of such choices. Premonition gives me the strength to see through the decision.

It is true that gut feeling is God’s way of showing the path and is not adulterated. But the inner sense has to be strengthened by thorough reasoning. Its not the same as blindly taking a foolish decision, rather to have a strong foundation in life lessons which makes the gut feeling appeal to mind and soul.

I’m reminded of a quote by Mohammed Iqbal, a well-known poet from Pakistan, an ultimate quote on intuitiveness

“Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai.”

Translation: “Elevate yourself so high that even God, before issuing every decree of destiny, should ask you: Tell me, what is your intent?”

May we all possess such strength of character and soul that makes us sure of our keen intuition.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

If I ever get a chance to drink at the Fountain of Youth, I pray that it should come to me when I reach my 90s. I will then definitely take a swig in a flute glass. By then I would’ve seen my great grandchildren; many governments come and go. Been through triumphs and tribulations of self and my loved ones. I would know about everything that I could’ve done with a youthful life.

We learn our lessons in retrospect and not in the present. So drinking the Fountain of youth before celebrating my centennial birthday would be a boon and not a bane. I could travel the world and be the a good listener to ailing souls. Be the hands and legs for people who can’t afford the affection of their loved ones. With the youthfulness bestowed upon me I would do every good deed that I missed because I was lazy or not courageous enough to take a plunge. Read all the books the world has to offer. There is something to being youthful;living the life on the edge. If the spirit of such life is put to good use, the world will definitely be a good place.

I would also get all my childhood friends, whoever is alive by then that is, to drink the fountain of youth and relive the life that we all envisioned. Live the buried dreams, as by then we would’ve found the means to achieve the means but frail bones and torn muscles would’ve domesticated us.

There is so much wisdom to be gained as we age and so much to lose when we are young. To start once again after everything had been done and dusted would be something.