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via Daily Prompt: Unseen Its just as important to meet real people. Folks who are Living and not just surviving given the bare minimum (as compared to a middle class family). Some women I met yesterday belong to a group created by NGO Indus Action to work on EWS education quota awareness.

 They have stepped out of their myriad of excuses, that one usually use, to not do work that doesn’t pay. In the process of doing so, they have created their group self-employment, using the camaraderie shared by the group.

They discussed that need of entitlement to be paid-well for the work they are doing. Not denying the learning they have achieved through the process, they do feel the need to be remunerated for the efforts they have put in. They put up the points related to personal problems, group dynamics and work related queries. They clearly stated the need to be employed, contribute to the financial situation of their family.

What really stood out is the transformation- from being coy and shy at first day of induction to the day of being empowered. They are not looking for freebies, but for employment options that will help themselves and their loved ones to lead a better life.

This is the unseen power of stepping past the line of fear of learning something new. Instead of being afraid of failure, they knew they are not losing anything by learning, going through the hardship of convincing family that they want to move forward and not be held back by the unknown.

This is the true power of stepping forward into the Unseen life of hope and future.



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